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Claudio Limon Luggage

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Claudio Limon Luggage By Heys - Claudio Limon Suitecases

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Reaffirming Heys USA’s commitment to displaying acclaimed artistic visions, the new Claudio Limon luggage set takes the Mexican artist’s colorful aesthetic to tarmacs and airport runways across the world.

Made famous by his Casa de Las Artes (“House of the Arts”), Claudio Limon art is characterized by its amazing use of bright color, distinct patterns, and well-defined lines.  Companies as diverse as Nextel and Campo Azul Tequila have sported the designs of Claudio Limon pop art.

Now, Claudio Limon is ready to make a splash in the world of travel luggage.  Claudio Limon luggage promises to capture the spirit of travel and discovery, as Claudio’s vibrant colors grace the new Heys USA Claudio Limon Luggage set.

The perfect accessory for any cultured world traveler, Claudio Limon luggage makes for the ideal going away or graduation gift.  Because it is so distinctive and tasteful, a Claudio Limon suitcase stands out from other non-descript bags and will be sure to draw tasteful comments from fellow travelers.

But the excellence of a Claudio Limon suitcase doesn’t only come from its aesthetic features.  Just as enticing for the savvy frequent flier, is the assurance of high quality that comes from knowing their Claudio Limon carry-on luggage is engineered by Heys USA—one of the industry leaders when it comes to attractive and durable travel luggage.

 It all starts on the inside of your Claudio Limon suitcase, where the lined interior is logically articulated with a transparent divider that doubles as both a separator for your contents and a pocket in which you can place your sundry items.

As you move to the exterior, you find that the protective shell of your Claudio Limon luggage is molded from a sturdy polycarbonate shell that is sure protect your contents from even the roughest treatment that air travel has to offer. In addition, the Heys USA triple digit combination lock is TSA friendly so as to make for easy security screenings and quick inspections.

And you need not worry about your Claudio Limon pop art exterior losing its original luster.  Heys USA places an extra protective layer that further encases the Claudio Limon art, keeping its brilliant hues as vibrant on your 1000th trip as they were on your first.

Not an iota of comfort and maneuverability is lost either, as the Heys USA’s patented smart wheels not only offer greater fundamental stability for your Claudio Limon carry-on luggage, but also the kind of control that makes snaking through a crowded airport terminal as easy as pie.

The chrome handle and soft grip are equally well thought out as well.  Designed for one-handed use, the handle retracts, sliding back into its slot so that your Claudio Limon is a breeze to stow in overheads or beneath your seat.  And the cushioned design of the TRP grip will make even the longest of airport transfers easy on the fingers.

Put simply, whether you are buying the Claudio Limon luggage set for yourself or for that special trendsetting traveler in your life, the recipient will be sure to love both the design and function of these amazing travel bags. 

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