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Qnkki Messengers Bags, Laptop Bags, & Backpacks

If you have a laptop and are looking to protect it from all the scuffs and damage that can decrease its lifespan, you should definitely look-into Qnkki bags.

Unlike your typical backpack or messenger bag, Qnkki laptop bags are especially designed with your laptop in mind.  So, both in terms of comfort and in terms of protection, the Qnnkki laptop backpack collection has a distinct advantage over your typical run of the mill backpack.

First, a Qnkki laptop backpack is made to offer a perfectly snug fit for your laptop so that it isn’t jostled about while you ride your bike across campus or to work.  The strap adjusts just like on a messenger bag so that you can keep your Qnkki backpack snuggly against your body, and the backpack offers a special compartment that is just the right size for your device.

In addition, Qnkki bags also protect your investment by offering high density, moisture repellent polyester, so that your laptop can survive most weather changes unscathed.

A perfect gift for that college student in your life, the Qnkki backpack is also stylish in a casual sort of way that matches a laidback collegiate aesthetic.

But Qnkki doesn’t just make backpacks and messenger bags.  Qnkki laptop sleeves are also an excellent way to help protect your laptop. The next best thing to having laptop backpack, Qnkki laptop sleeves come in a variety of colors, from an understated green or blue, to attractively feminine shades of pink.

So if you are looking for a backpack that is especially designed to carry and protect your computer, give Qnkki bags a try.