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iPad & eReader Cases

iPad & eReader Cases: Protecting Your Investment

iPads certainly are not inexpensive. They therefore need – and deserve! – to be protected. A good iPad 2 keyboard case can help protect your iPad from drops, scratches, spills, and other hazards.

You also no doubt take your iPad with you just about everywhere you go. An iPad 2 protective cover or case will make it easier to carry your device wherever you travel.

What’s more, your iPad 2 keyboard case can help you see you iPad more easily when at a desk. Many iPad cases have stands that you can use to set up your iPad to watch movies without having to remove the device from its cover. Many cases also offer a hand strap so that you may watch your iPad while walking or exercising.

An iPad 2 hard cover may be more to your liking. These cases generally are made of shatterproof polycarbonate and come in a wide variety of colors.

There’s more to an iPad 2 protective skin than shatterproof materials, of course. Many people like the more “traditional” look that a leather cover offers. This type of iPad 2 keyboard case often comes with a stand – all the better for watching your favorite show or online video!

A leather cover, in fact, can offer the same protection as an iPad2 hard case by enclosing your iPad completely in a zipper-case. Place your iPad in one of these clamshell-like covers and then zip it up. Very elegant!

Many iPad owners prefer the sleek look of an iPad 2 smart cover. While Apple’s Smart Cover covers only the iPad’s screen -- leaving the back and sides exposed – you could choose a Smart Cover-like iPad 2 protective sleeve instead.