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iPad 3 Rugged Cases

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Shop Rugged iPad 3 Cases & Military Grade iPad 3 Cases

A military grade iPad 3 case may seem like a bit much.  After all it is not like you are going into combat with your iPad.  Do you really need an iPad 3 rugged case for everyday use? But then again, given the rough treatment that your device takes, a military grade iPad 3 case may be just what the sergeant ordered. 

What is so different about this kind of a rugged iPad 3 case versus other kinds of cases for iPad 3? Military iPad 3 case specifications are simply much more thorough.  Think, for example, what would happen to your iPad 3 if the latch on your regular messenger bag snapped as you biked over a pothole on your way to work or school.  A military grade iPad 3 case is made to withstand a drop from 6 feet in the air unscathed.

And what if you get stuck in a rainstorm and are unable to seek cover?  A regular iPad 3 case might eventually soak through.  But with an impermeable polycarbonate iPad 3 case you need not worry that your netbook will be as drenched as you are. 

When it comes to your iPad 3, military iPad 3 case specs are that extra insurance policy that gives you peace of mind.  

And since your military grade iPad 3 case is just as good against dirt as against wetness, your case is just as safe at the sandy beach as by the pool.  With your polycarbonate iPad 3 case you simply need not worry, no matter where you are.